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The G&G SMC9 is based around 9mm real steel pistol conversion kits which are becoming increasingly popular in the US. Pistol conversion kits popularity stem from being able to use your pistol for longer range shooting in a carbine platform whilst having a high-capacity magazine which utilises pistol ammunition which is cheaper than rifle ammunition. G&G have designed the perfect airsoft gun which utilises a conversion of the GTP9 airsoft pistol so that you have the ability to shoot at longer ranges and on full auto, whilst still keeping the compact nature of the pistol platform.

The G&G SMC9 is a full kit which means it comes with the GTP9 pistol already installed which allows you to use the gun straight away! As a carbine conversion of the GTP9 this airsoft gun has an extremely compact design whilst offering full-auto firing capabilities making it perfect for room clearing in CQB games. The SMC9 is made from durable polymer and metal and features a 7” M-LOK handguard which allows you to add M-LOK compatible accessories. The SMC9 also has an upper 20mm integrated rail system which allows for the attachment of optics or other accessories such as a PEQ box.

Everything on this gun has been designed for user compatibility and ergonomics so you will find an ambidextrous charging handle, fire selector, slide release and magazine release on the SMC9. The chamber cover is also selectable for right- or left-handed shooters, whilst the gun also features a button and trigger safety which can be operated with either hand. The SMC9 features a folding stock which is held in place by strong magnets when you want to keep the overall length of the gun compact and due to its lightweight nature, it is easy to shoot with one hand in this compact configuration.

The SMC9 also has a floating barrel design, optional front and fixed rear sling points, flip-up adjustable front and rear iron sights and a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel which allows for the attachment of a suppressor or tracer unit. The G&G SMC9 is easy to disassemble and internally you will find a 120-click adjustable hop-up for fine tuning your BBs trajectory, G&G enlarged gas valve and internal parts made from ceramic which helps improve frost resistance from gas cooling. The SMC9 also comes with a 50 round cold resistant magazine, hop-up adjustment tool, optional pistol backstraps, optional sling point and even a speedloader which means you have everything you need in one box to start using your new G&G SMC9!

If you are looking for a gas airsoft gun which is perfectly suited for both CQB and outdoor airsoft games and provides the long range of a rifle whilst keeping the compact design of a pistol, then the G&G SMC9 is the gas blowback airsoft gun for you!


  • Compact design – perfect for CQB
  • Fully automatic gas sub machine carbine
  • Carbine conversion of the G&G GTP9
  • Gas blowback – hard kick with every shot
  • Made from metal and durable polymer
  • Upper 20 mm rail integrated system – can attach optics and accessories
  • 7-inch M-LOK handguard
  • Button safety and trigger safety
  • Ambidextrous charging handle and fire selector
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Selectable chamber cover – can adapt for right or left-handed shooters
  • Folding stock – locks in place utilising magnets
  • 120 click adjustable hop-up
  • Floating barrel – barrel not attached to handguard
  • Functions like the real thing – use charging handle to load
  • Rear sling point and optional front sling point
  • Flip-up adjustable front and rear iron sights – also removable
  • 14 mm CCW threaded outer barrel – can attach suppressor or tracer unit
  • G&G enlarged gas valve
  • Utilises ceramic materials – improves frost resistance
  • Easy disassembly
  • Comfortable pistol grip – additional backstrap included for ergonomics
  • Unique serial number on each gun
  • Cold resistant 50 round green gas magazine


Included with the gun:

  • 1 x 50 round green gas magazine
  • 1 x Optional sling point
  • 1 x Speedloader
  • 1 x Pistol grip backstrap
  • 1 x Hop-up adjustment tool
  • 1 x Manual



G&G Armament

Model Name



6.0 mm

Weight, Scale and Length (extended)

2.15 kg – 1:1- 620 mm

 Inner Barrel Length

220 mm

Inner Barrel Diameter

6.03 mm

Magazine Capacity

50 Round

Powered By

 Green Gas

Recommended Energy Source

Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas


Polymer and Metal

Safety and Fire Modes

Safe (button and trigger safety), semi-automatic and fully automatic

Adjustable Hop-Up


Hop-Up Adjustment Location

Use hop-up adjustment tool – adjust at front of barrel

Velocity (feet per second/FPS)

~301 fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB

Rate of Fire (rounds per minute)