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This airsoft gun by Raven is based on the Glock 18C which was originally developed in the 1980s at the request of the Austrian counter terrorist unit EKO Cobra. They needed a selective fire pistol which was capable of full-auto fire in case they were in dire situations which required a high level of fire in a short period of time.

This replica airsoft gun by Raven is a whole lot of pistol for a very small price, but this in no way means that they have skimped on quality! The pistol is constructed from metal and durable polymer and features compensater slots in the slide and barrel to give this airsoft pistol a really unique look! The pistol has a large fire selector on the left side of the slide enabling you to select between semi-auto and full-auto fire modes. The gun comes with spare parts just in case you have any issues in the future and also comes with optional back straps for the pistol so you can adapt it to your hand better.

If you are looking for something a bit different to the usual and feel that having a secondary weapon with full-auto capabilities would help you out in numerous airsoft situations then the Raven EU18C is the airsoft pistol for you!


  • Full scale 1:1 replica
  • Based on the famous Glock 18C Gen 4 fully automatic pistol
  • Same size as a Glock 17
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic fire modes
  • Authentic looking compensator slots in barrel and slide
  • Blowback action upon firing
  • Integrated iron sights
  • Trigger safety
  • Lower front pistol rail for attachments
  • Adjustable back straps to match shooters hand
  • Large magazine release
  • Gun comes with spare supplies to keep your gun well maintained


Included with the gun:

  • 1 x 23 round magazine
  • 2 x Back strap grips
  • 1 x Spare nozzle
  • 1 x Spare O-rings
  • 1 x Raven Patch
  • 1 x Manual




Model Name

EU Series 18C Gen 4


6.0 mm

Weight and Scale

0.68 kg – 1:1

Magazine Capacity

23 Round

Powered By


Recommended Energy Source

Nuprol 2.0 green gas


Polymer and metal

Safety and Fire Modes

Safe, semi-automatic and full auto



Adjustable Hop-Up


Hop-Up Adjustment Location

Remove slide to access

Velocity (feet per second/FPS)

~ 286 fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB