Predator Ultra Gas - 700ml

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Predator ultra gas by Abbey is the ideal premium power, high performance gas for blowback guns! Featuring high pressure propane and a unique blend of non-silicone based lubricants this ultra gas delivers the ultimate power whilst also keeping your gas airsoft gun well maintained! As the lubricants are not silicone based there is no need to periodically shake the gas can to mix the lubricants and propellant and it also has the added benefit of leaving no greasy residue after firing!



  • Metal canister and polymer nozzle
  • CFC Free
  • High power gas with premium blend of lubricants
  • Lubricants are not silicone based so remain mixed with gas
  • Performs well throughout the year down to 5 degrees centigrade
  • Contains premium lubricants to maintain your airsoft gun
  • Prevents rust
  • Improves airsoft guns cycling capability with added lubricants
  • Helps to protect seals within your airsoft gun and magazine



  • 1 x Predator Ultra Gas 700ml Bottle