Nuprol 3.0 Extreme Performance Gas - 300g

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Nuprol 3.0 extreme performance gas is one of the most well known and liked gas brands on the market and for good reason! This special blend of propane gas and 5% silicone oil gives you the optimum balance of high power and maintenance for your airsoft gun with every shot. This gas has been developed to perform exceptionally well during the winter months providing you with constant pressure stability in your magazines, great trajectory control and hard kicking recoil! If you are looking for a gas to improve your guns performance in cold weather and provide great shot consistency then Nuprol 3.0 extreme performance gas is a must have!



  • Metal nozzle and canister
  • Protective cover to prevent nozzle gas discharge
  • CFC Free 
  • Perfect gas for colder temperatures - down to 3 degrees
  • Great trajectory control
  • Constant pressure stability in magazine
  • Increases FPS of airsoft gun - allow gas to settle first
  • Contains premium silicone oil to maintain your airsoft gun
  • Extreme power concentrated gas - perfect for hard kick and shot consistency
  • Prevents rust
  • Improves airsoft guns cycling capability with silicone oil
  • Helps to protect seals within your airsoft gun and magazine



  • 1 x Nuprol 3.0 Extreme Performance Gas - 300g


Please note: This is a high powered gas and is not suitable for all airsoft guns. If your gun is made of plastic or has a small bolt then this gas should not be used.