Noveske KX5 - Flash hider with Acetech Tracer

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Looking for a compact tracer unit that is also a fully licensed flash hider? Then the Noveske KX5 flash hider with in-built acetech tracer is the answer!

This tracer by acetech is inside a fully licensed CNC machined Noveske KX5 flash hider. Using powerful UV technology this tracer unit is capable of sustaining function up to 2100 rounds per minute. With a built in rechargeable battery this unit is simple to charge up between games and the unit also includes a motion sensor to automatically turn the sensor on when you start moving with your gun, thus allowing the battery to last a lot longer! With a short length of just 82mm this tracer unit is perfect for CQB loadouts and even pistols and attaches onto standard 14mm CCW threads.

The perfect tracer unit for someone looking for a low profile tracer whilst also having the authenticity of a fully licensed flash hider on their airsoft gun!



  • Precision CNC machined Noveske licensed KX5 flash hider
  • Contains Acetech Lighter S tracer within flash hider housing
  • Powerful UV LED technology
  • Can sustain function up to 2100 RPM
  • Built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Integrated motion sensor (auto power on / off)
  • Charges via USB
  • Battery will last for 22,000 rounds
  •  14mm CCW thread
  • Short 82mm length perfect for CQB loadouts
  • For green tracer BBs only



  • 1 x Noveske KX5 - Flash hider with Acetech Tracer