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The G&G Armament Uber Machine Gun (UMG) is based on the UMP (Universale Maschinenpistole). Originally designed to use .45 ACP, it was also adapted to use 9x19 mm parabellum cartridges also. It was originally developed as a cheaper successor to the MP5 and the receiver is based around the G36. It has gained favour with numerous law enforcement and military units around the world and is used extensively.

This airsoft replica is an almost exact copy of the real thing and has a realistic weight and scale to the real firearm. Produced from highly durable polymer and metal parts the G&G UMG feels like a solid airsoft SMG. The gun features an ambidextrous fire-selector, a folding stock and a large battery compartment which offers greater user flexibility!

The G&G also features the well loved H&K cocking lever, just try not to be too tempted to slap the cocking lever down! The UMG is built in a way that it is easily field strippable which adds another layer of realism to the airsoft gun. The UMG also has integrated adjustable iron sights, a unique serial number, a huge 530-round magazine, 20mm rail systems for all of your attachments and sling points!

The G&G UMG is the perfect airsoft gun for anyone looking for a high quality and well built copy of the UMP. The perfect airsoft gun for CQB and outdoor skirmishes!



  • Full scale 1:1 replica
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Folding stock
  • Large battery compartment
  • Functional cocking lever
  • Field strippable adding a sense of realism
  • Unique serial number
  • Integrated adjustable iron sights
  • 20mm rail systems for attachments included
  • Sling attachment points


Included with the gun:

  • 1 x 530 round magazine
  • 2 x Additional 20mm rails
  • 1 x Unjamming rod
  • 1 x Manual



G&G Armaments

Model Name

UMG – UMP GT Advanced EU


6.0 mm

Weight, Scale and Length

2.97 kg – 1:1 – 695mm

Magazine Capacity

530 Rounds

Powered By

Electric motor (AEG)

Recommended Energy Source

7.4V Li-Po Stick Battery


Metal and Polymer

Safety and Fire Modes

Safe, semi-automatic and fully automatic

Adjustable Hop-Up


Hop-Up Adjustment Location

Pull back charging handle - behind mock bolt

Velocity (feet per second/FPS)

Approx. 330fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB

Rate of Fire (rounds per minute)

Approx. 790