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The Acetech Bifrost is a revolutionary new tracer unit with a built-in muzzle flame effect that offers the user a complete multi-colour experience!

The Acetech Bifrost is a unique tracer unit which can produce a muzzle flame effect which simulates muzzle flash. The muzzle flame effect is produced by RGB LEDs which enable the user to select between 11 different multi-colour/mono-colour flame modes. The tracer has a Bifrost mode which can create a rainbow-coloured beam when you fire BBs or you can select one of the mono colour flame modes depending on your preference. The intensity of the effect is greatly increased when using the Bifrost on a gas airsoft replica and in low light conditions. The Bifrost also has two tracer modes (standard and sniper mode) and these can be used independently from the flame effect.

The Acetech Bifrost features an extremely compact design, intelligent power control, a durable aluminium construction and can support both 14mm CCW threads and 11mm CW muzzle threads. The Bifrost supports only green tracer BBs for the tracer mode but can support both standard white BBs and green tracer BBs for the flame effect. The Bifrost can support function up to 35 rounds per second and you are able to use both the tracer and flame function to light up to 12000 BBs before a recharge is required.

If you are looking for a unique and compact tracer unit with an impressive RGB flame effect, then the Acetech Bifrost is the tracer unit for you.



  • Unique tracer unit with muzzle flame effect – simulates muzzle flash
  • Multi-colour flame effect
  • 2 tracer modes available – standard and sniper mode
  • 11 different colour flame modes
  • Bifrost mode – creates a rainbow-coloured beam when firing BBs
  • Mono colour flame mode – single colour effect
  • Flame effect colours available – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink & Purple
  • Gas or fog around muzzle intensifies muzzle flash flame effect
  • Designed for both 14mm CCW and 11mm CW muzzle thread
  • Ultra-compact design – 81mm in length and 30mm in diameter
  • CNC machined aluminium construction
  • Intelligent power control – Sleep mode after 5 minutes and shake to wake
  • Tracer mode supports green tracer BBs only
  • Multi-colour flame effect supports standard BBs and green tracer BBs
  • USB type-C charging port
  • Supports function up to 35 rounds per second
  • Tracer with flame function can light 12,000 BBs before recharge is required



  • 81 mm in length & 30 mm in diameter
  • Weighs 61g (without adapter)
  • Support thread – M14-/M14- to M11+
  • Li-Polymer battery
  • USB type-C charging port


Included with tracer unit:

  • USB type-C charging cable
  • Allen key
  • Muzzle cap (M14-)
  • M14- to M11+ adapter
  • Manual