Pulse Armaments B1 Variable Timed Grenade - .209 CAL Blank Firing

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Ever been in a situation in a game when rolling a grenade through a doorway before entering would have been the only effective way to distract/eliminate the enemy players without getting hit? If the answer is yes then the Pulse Armaments B1 variable timed grenade is the solution you have been searching for!

This reusable blank firing B1 grenade is constructed from extremely durable polymer and aluminium and can be chucked or rolled without having to worry whether it will break or not! Using a propriety variable timed spring delay system, this B1 grenade by Pulse Armaments is a first in the airsoft community!

The time can be set anywhere from zero seconds for use as a tripwire device, 5 seconds for use as standard flashbang/grenade or even 75 seconds to allow you to leave it as diversion device for when you retreat! The time can quickly be adjusted with the blue knob located on the top of the device!

The Pulse Armaments B1 grenade is simple and quick to reload in the field and uses .209 shotgun primers. Just like a real grenade to use this device you remove the pin, depress the lever until ready to use and then roll it towards the enemy! When the time is up, the spring in the grenade pushes forward the striker which sets off the primer causing a loud bang and flash!

If you are looking for an adaptable blank-firing grenade that can be used for multiple situations again and again then this B1 variable timed grenade by Pulse Armaments is for you!



  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • .209 shotgun primer blank firing grenade
  • Variable time adapter: 0-75 second detonation delay
  • Constructed from durable polymer with aluminium base
  • Can be used as tripwire device or as grenade
  • Extremely high quality training device
  • Eligible to be used at most airsoft skirmish sites (including CQB sites)
  • Easy to remove base for reloading
  • Unique serial number
  • Realistic size and weight to a real flashbang


Included with B1 Training Device:

  • 1 x Tripwire snare
  • 2 x Spare pull pins
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x User manual