Trademark Policy

MSR Trademark Policy

Here at MSR Airsoft Ltd we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality goods to the UK and European airsoft community. Part of providing great products is by offering licensed realistic imitations of the real firearm and wherever possible we seek out licensed products such as those offered by brands like Umarex, VFC and Cybergun.

We also stock unlicensed clones of certain products which we believe to be made to the highest standards and which are some of the best airsoft products in the market. However, some of these may have trademarks printed on them which are unlicensed, and the manufacturer does not have the legal right to use them on their product.

So where does MSR Airsoft Ltd come into this?

As we are a seller of airsoft products, we have an obligation to follow trademark and licensing laws. This means we have a duty to make sure that if we sell these airsoft products then the unlicensed trademarks are not present.

This means that any unlicensed trademarks are covered up on the product so as not to infringe on any trademarks or copyrights. We make sure all these unlicensed trademarks are covered before selling any of these products onto you the customer.

You may see product photos on our store where the unlicensed trademark is on show, however before sending any of these products the trademark will be covered.

Will this alter the look of the product I am buying?

We take every care to make sure that the cover over the unlicensed trademark is in keeping with the rest of the product. We keep this cover to the minimum size so that it only covers the unlicensed trademark and no other part of the product. We recommend that you do not remove these covers.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions or would like to see examples of how the unlicensed trademark is covered before purchasing, then please reach out to us at: