MSR Airsoft Ltd Closure

MSR Airsoft Ltd Closure

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the closure of our business MSR Airsoft Ltd. Over the next couple of months, we shall be slowly winding down our business and ceasing to trade.

We hope the following questions and answers will make it clear regarding the closure of MSR Airsoft Ltd.

Why are you closing?

We are having to close due to the current economic situation which was led to an increase in wholesale goods prices and operating costs whilst creating uncertainty in the consumer market which has led to lower overall sales. It is no longer economically sustainable for us to continue trading in the current financial climate.

Will you be having a closing sale?

We shall be clearing all our stock and be running a continued sale until all our stock is sold. We hope to be able to drop the prices as much as possible so you the customer can grab a one-time bargain. Keep an eye out for continued deals over the next few weeks.

What happens if I want to return something in the 14-day cancellation window?

Whilst we are trading, your consumer rights are unaffected, and you may return items to us in the 14-day cancellation window as normal.

What happens if my item has issues or breaks?

Whilst we are trading, we can process returns and offer refunds, repairs, or replacements (depending on stock) as normal. Once we have ceased trading/closed, we will still be contactable (please see below) and will try and continue helping you the best we can. We won’t be able to provide the same level of help as we could whilst we were open, but we want to be as fair as possible, and we can work together to resolve any issues. If anything does go wrong, please contact us via the email we have listed below, and we shall try and help the best we can.

How do I get in touch once the business has closed?

Once the business has closed, our phone and normal email addresses will no longer be functional. Please contact us via our Facebook page or through the following email:

Please note it may take us slightly longer than usual to respond once the business has closed.

How long after the business has shut will I still be able to get in touch?

We shall be keeping the Facebook page operational for at least 6 months from the date we close. We shall keep the email operational for at least one year after the business has closed.

How do I get updates regarding the status of the closure of MSR Airsoft Ltd?

We shall try to keep our stores website and Facebook page regularly updated with regards to the business closure.


From all of us here at MSR Airsoft Ltd we would like to thank you for all your support over the last few years and we wish you all the best in the future!

Kindest regards,

The Team (MSR Airsoft Ltd)