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The US Army started looking for a new pistol to replace the old Beretta M9 in 2011. They were searching for a more accurate and effective sidearm which could also be fitted with suppressors and chamber multiple calibres. The Sig Sauer P320 won the XM17 modular handgun system competition and became the US Army's new sidearm and is produced in the full size P320 M17 model and the compact model designed for special forces known as the P320 M18.

This full scale replica is produced by Sig Sauers air products division known as Sig Air and therefore you can expect the build quality to be outstanding. You will not be able to find a more realistic airsoft pistol than one produced/licensed by the actual real firearm manufacturer! This airsoft gun was originally produced as a training aid for US Army personal so that they could practice drills with it and therefore you can expect a highly realistic airsoft pistol!

As the Proforce P320 M18 is fully licensed you can find all of the full markings on the airsoft pistol, including a unique serial number on each of the handguns. The airsoft pistol comes in a full coyote tan coating which is used by the US Army and is field strippable just like the real handgun. The trigger is weighted and has the same pull strength as the real handgun, there is also a trigger disconnect safety.  The Sig Sauer Proforce P320 M18 is more compact than the M17, featuring a flush magazine and smaller slide and frame.

The slide is optic ready and the rear sight plate is removable so you can add an optic easily to the P320 M18. The M18 also features a lower 20mm rail for attachments so you can add a torch or laser if you wish. 

If you are looking for a modern, compact and unique pistol which is just being rolled out into the US Army at present and want something that is 100% realistic, then the Sig Sauer (Sig Air) ProForce P320 M18 is the airsoft pistol for you!



  • Full scale 1:1 replica
  • Smaller size compared to M17 – designed for special forces and close protection
  • Blowback action of metal slide upon firing
  • Fully licensed Sig Sauer airsoft replica- full markings on gun
  • Produced by Sig Air who are a part of Sig Sauer
  • Built to the legendary build specifications of Sig Sauer
  • Full coyote tan body as used on the real firearm produced for the US army
  • Responsive trigger with light pull for fast shots
  • Optic ready slide and has a removable rear sight plate
  • Ambidextrous slide lock and safety
  • Uses green gas magazines only
  • Flush mount green gas magazine
  • Field strippable like the real firearm
  • Produced as a training tool for US army personal to practice drills


Included with the gun:

  • 1 x 21 round green gas magazine
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Hop-up adjusting tool



Sig Air / Sig Sauer / VFC

Model Name

Proforce P320 M18


6.0 mm

Weight, Scale and Length

0.68 kg - 1:1 - 195 mm

Magazine Capacity

21 Round

Powered By


Recommended Energy Source

Nuprol 2.0 green gas


Polymer and metal

Safety and Fire Modes

Safe and semi-automatic



Adjustable Hop-Up


Hop-Up Adjustment Location

Use hop-up adjusting guide rod

Velocity (feet per second/FPS)

~ 290 fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB