Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical (Black or Tan)

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The FNX-45 Tactical by Tokyo Marui is a stunning replica of the real firearm, built to the highest standards and with legendary Tokyo Marui craftsmanship you can expect an amazing airsoft pistol straight out of the box. Built from durable polymer with metal parts, the FNX-45 incorporates Tokyo Marui’s new oval piston design which helps with gas efficiency and ultimately leads to better blowback and stronger recoil! Other features include an integrated 20 mm rail system for attaching torches or lasers, Phosphorescent glow in the dark iron sights, a mounting point for a micro red-dot on the top of the slide and even a unique muzzle adapter which allows for a suppressor to be attached.

The gun also includes ambidextrous trigger safeties, slide releases and magazine catches. The airsoft pistol itself is double/single action and therefore you can pre-cock the hammer to shorten the trigger pull time and allow for faster shots. The hammer of the pistol has the ability to be de-cocked without firing therefore rendering the gun safer whilst in a holster. The FNX-45 also comes with a cold resistant die-cast 29 round magazine, a highly texturized grip for greater dexterity, a large trigger guard making it easier to access with gloves on and the FNX-45 even comes with multiple pistol-grip straps allowing you to adapt the pistol more efficiently to your hand!

If you are looking for unique and adaptable airsoft pistol that has been built to the highest standards, then the Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical is the airsoft pistol for you!



  • Full scale 1:1 replica
  • Built with legendary Tokyo Marui craftsmanship
  • New oval piston design – helps generate greater recoil with each shot
  • Ambidextrous trigger disconnect safety
  • Single/double action – Pull trigger to cock hammer and fire or cock hammer manually
  • Ability to de-cock hammer manually without firing
  • Ambidextrous slide release and magazine catch
  • 20 mm integrated rail for attachments – can add torch or laser unit
  • Cold resistant die-cast magazine – 29 round capacity
  • Ability to add micro red dot optic to top rail
  • Phosphorescent iron sights – glow in low light and in the dark
  • Unique muzzle adapter – ability to add suppressor unit to pistol
  • Highly texturized grip – provides great dexterity
  • Large trigger guard – easy to use gun with gloves on
  • Multiple pistol grip straps included – adapt pistol grip to your hand size


Included with the gun:

  • 1 x 29 round magazine
  • 4 x Back pistol grip straps
  • 2 x Mounting screws
  • 1 x Muzzle cap
  • 1 x Allen key
  • 1 x Pack of BBs
  • 1 x Unjamming rod
  • 1 x Manual

Need spare magazines? Find them here - FNX-45 Magazines 

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Tokyo Marui

Model Name

FNX-45 Tactical


6.0 mm

Weight, Scale and Length

0.83 kg – 1:1- 220 mm

Barrel Length

113 mm

Magazine Capacity

29 Round

Powered By


Recommended Energy Source

Nuprol 1.0 Blue Gas


Polymer and metal parts

Safety and Fire Modes

Safe and semi-automatic



Adjustable Hop-Up


Hop-Up Adjustment Location

Remove slide to access

Velocity (feet per second/FPS)

~270  fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB


Please Note: We recommend only using low powered gas such as Nuprol 1.0 or Abbey 144a gas in Tokyo Marui guns. High pressure gas can damage the airsoft gun and void the warranty!