Store Now Open - Your Questions Answered

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Store Now Open - Your Questions Answered

After many months of early starts and late nights the store has finally been opened for you to come visit and shop! We are really very happy to be open and to offer you all a great selection of products. So please have a browse of the store and please get in touch if you would like to see something stocked which is not on our store at the moment!

Below I have answered a few of your questions and I hope this will give you an insight more into the store itself.

Q1. I noticed your store does not have a guest checkout, why is this?

Unfortunately we will not be offering a guest checkout on this store. Due to the nature of the items we are selling (RIFs) we need to make sure that we comply with UK law regarding their sale and keeping a log with UKARA of registered airsoft skirmisers who can purchase these items.

Q2. I do not plan to buy any RIFs, only accessories and BBs. Do I still need to create an account?

In short, yes an account is still needed. The account process may seem long winded as we ask for details such as your DOB and UKARA/BAC number but this is too make it easier for you in the future to purchase items and reduce the time it takes us to verify that we can sell you these items.

Of course if you just want to buy accessories and do not have a defence/do not want to enter yours yet, then please just select 'None' in the 'defence' field when creating an account and you will be able to go ahead and purchase the items you want!

Q3. I created an account and put 'None' for my defence when I first signed up. I now have a defence and want to add this to my account. How do I do this as I cannot see any option in my 'Account' section of the website?

We are currently working on adding a new field into our site so that you can add/ modify your defence details at a later date. However for now, we ask you to email us at: if you would like to add/modify your defence. We will make sure this is updated ASAP.

Q4. I noticed you don't have a huge range of guns, ammo etc at the moment. Is this going to be expanded?

Yes! We are continuously working on expanding our inventory! However we do not plan to stock every variant from every airsoft company on the market but only items we personally would recommend or that are highly appreciated by the airsoft community. We make sure that all items we have in store are of the highest quality, if they fail to meet out standards we do not sell them.

Q5. Your shipping costs are pretty high! Does it really cost so much for next day delivery?

Unfortunately yes it does. Due to the nature of the items we sell we can only ship them with UPS and sometimes Parcel Force. Don't worry however we are working closely with UPS to reduce these shipping fees so that in the future they will be more reasonable! 

Q6. Will you be offering two-tone airsoft guns in your store?

Yes we will be offering two-tone versions of all our guns in the near future!


I hope this has answered some of your questions and gives you a better insight into the store! If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Thanks for reading!

MSR Airsoft Team

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